Regional Economic Development South East Europe

The Balkans region of South East Europe (SEE) is a historically culturally diverse and strategic region.

With a history spanning the Roman and Ottoman empires, and the birthplace of Alexander The Great, to recent historical upheavals, there is now a democratic desire to become a modern and stabilised partner to NATO and the European community.

This region is undergoing huge social and economic change, with Macedonia and Albania in 'pre-ascension' phase as the two nations head toward European Union integration.

Whilst past environmental and economic practices have left a large legacy due to unregulated and irresponsible practices, there is now a growing awareness and acceptance for assistance towards sustainable practices.

REDSEE has teamed up with local environmental, business and community development consultants, and NGO's to transfer the required knowledge and skill-set to motivate change at local level.

With full support from local and Federal governments, REDSEE will continue to assist and guide local consultants to make significant improvements in environmental management.

The current focus involves:

  • Identifying Consultants and NGO's with capabilities in environmental, economic and education skill-sets
  • Building capacity within those consultants and NGO's
  • Identifying key projects, such as education, environmental management, recycling centres, water and air quality management
  • Building partnerships with local government and other European Partners

This will not only help people and the environment locally, but also build the case for European integration.

Our consultant Partners share a belief that economic development is paramount but it must be done sustainably. They also value integrity, ethics and transparency at all levels of operation.

Steve Kostoff is a member of an international committee charged with developing these and other business opportunities for the Republic of Macedonia.

Sofija Ristevska

Sofija Ristevska is a qualified Lawyer in private practice based in Bitola, Macedonia. She is able to assist with EU contract law, business consulting, environment law, English/Macedonian translations and administrative matters. She has a widespread professional network with diverse business interests.



Mobile: +3897559349

Klaudija Lutovska

Klaudija is a community Development Consultant based in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. With a background in journalism, media, marketing and local government, she specialises in project management and co-ordination. Her focus has been on developing projects that not only assist the local community, but also contribute to the pre-ascension development of Macedonia towards European Union integration.

Specifically, Klaudija has been instrumental in realising local aged-care programs, humanitarian projects, cross-border cooperation projects and tourism initiatives that extend through Macedonia, Greece and Albania.

Klaudija actively engages both international and local governments and municipalities, NGO's and key individual stakeholders to collaborate on tenders and projects that have significant community outcomes. Her current programs focus on historical tourism, environmental awareness, consultant capacity-building training, and cross-border cooperation projects between Greece, Albania and Macedonia.

Mobile: +38972651384

Natasa Bakreska Kormusoska

Natasa Bakreska Kormusoska is Manager of Environmental Department of Cementarnica Usje- Skopje and is responsible for environmental performance of the plant and quarries. She is considered an environmental expert with substantial national and regional experience. Both as a professional and activist in the civil society, she has been actively involved in preparation and implementation of environmental projects, as well as assuring quality of performed projects. She was part of the team developed for the National Waste Management Plan 2006 – 2012 and its related feasibility studies, as well as capacity building of relevant stakeholders.

Past experiences include creating Local Environmental Action Plans for several municipalities in Macedonia and Kosovo. She is familiar with the general and specific issues relating to the environmental protection, waste management, environmental trainings and sustainable development.

As a member of various NGOs she has worked with ethnic Albanians and Roms in Macedonia on several Projects that emphasis the important role of environmental activities as an objective leading to ethnic and social cohesion.

She has actively participated in trans-boundary projects focusing on sustainable solid waste management in the Prespa region and phosphor-free detergents in Ohrid Lake region.

Natasa Bakreska Kormusoska
NGO: Association for Protection of Hazardous Materials
Postal address: st. Klenoec 15 A, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, Europe
Mobile: +389 71 323 853