About GreenRTO

Steve Kostoff

Steve is CEO of Green Business Audit & Training.

Whilst he has held numerous senior management and business development positions  throughout  his  career,  his  roots  are  from  the  small  business sector. From a lifetime in family business, he understands the constant pressures placed upon the small business operator and seeks to overcome them.

This strong affinity has not been lost today as he actively consults and facilitates workshops in business management, environmental education and sustainable commercial practices.

With qualifications in environmental management (1978) and business management, he has been able to incorporate strategies for sustainable business and energy efficiency (including waste management, recycling, efficient design, life-cycle analysis, EMS) into all of the work places he has managed. These have included hotels and hospitality complexes, commercial tenancies, and significant franchise operations.

He has travelled the world extensively and lived in Boston and London. Steve is fluent in the Macedonian language and has a strong cultural and social conscience.  More than anything, he is concerned about what shape we'll leave this place for our kids!

Steve has facilitated a network of consultants in South East Europe. They are charged to assist with current business and environmental strategies in meeting EU standards of operation in that region. Together with his team, he is also constructively pursuing education opportunities in India and China.

Since 2007 Steve has been a registered presenter with Australia's 'Al Gore Climate Change Project' and has delivered the community climate-change message to a significant audience.

His sector experience includes Business, Environmental, Telco, Retail, Hospitality, Community Development, RTO, Welfare, Management, Franchising and Project Management, with Industry and Government Board and Panel positions.

His qualifications include: BA (Geography/Environmental Management), Cert IV Small Business Management, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (including the TAE Sustainable Practice skillset), Cert IV in Home Sustainability Assessment, Cert IV in Business Sustainability Assessment and Cert IV in Carbon Management.

Steve Kostoff
Mobile: International +61 (0) 4300 300 23
Within Australia   0430 030023
E-mail steve@greenrto.com.au
Skype: kostoff23

Caz Saunders

MSc (Voc Rehab), B AppSc (Physio)
Voc Grad Cert Education and Training for Sustainability
Diploma of Sustainability
Cert IV Home Sustainability and Business Sustainability Assessment
Cert IV Carbon Management

Caz has a 25 year career Physiotherapist, delivering physiotherapy, vocational rehabilitation services and training to individuals and enterprise. She co-directed a successful business in the field of OHS and vocational rehabilitation and is highly respected in her sector.

In 2010 she transitioned her passion for training and sustainability into a new career as Training and Compliance Manager and Educator, delivering training in all of Green Business Audit & Training’s programs.

She manages Training and Quality at GBAT and has consistently driven our performance well above industry standards.

Caz has developed specialist knowledge of training and management in the VET sector, and is directly preparing the organisation for further growth and resilience.

She has direct experience in managing small business, in mentoring and advising students who are embarking on their pathway to success.
Caz is also a registered presenter with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

Mob: 0417 823 497

Peter Cockburn

Associate Diploma in Electronic Engineering
Accredited PV Grid Connected & SPS - Designer / Installer
Electrical Workers & Contractors Licence, SA & NT
Energy Storage Council (ESC) - Australian Standards Representative Defence Contractor
Australian Antarctic Division (Wintered in 1996)
Solar & Energy Storage sector Educator

Peter is Director of Navitus Solar and specialises in complex solar solutions.

With 25 years experience in the telecommunications, electrical and defence industry, Peter is passionate about his work in the Solar PV and Battery Storage sector.

He has recently represented the Energy Storage Council (ESC) on the Standards Australia committee developing the new Battery Storage Standard.

Peter's history includes the extraordinary experience of 14 months as an Antarctic Expeditioner and work on remote defence sites through Australia. This foundation of experience helps Peter to design and install highly reliable and complex remote SPS systems and grid connect systems. His projects have included small systems from a few kW of PV to 10's of kWs of PV and Battery Storage on fixed and mobile / deployable systems.

Peter has also embraced the opportunity to educate and upskill contractors to the Solar and Energy Storage sector, an opportunity that is priceless for anyone wishing to work in this industry. We are honoured to have him lead the training and consulting at the Solar Training Centre!

Mob: 0408505850

Craig Redman

Director of Central Queensland Electrical Air-conditioning & Refrigeration

As a licenced Electrical Contractor, Craig Redman brings a wealth of solar, storage, electrical and communications expertise to the Solar Training Centre. He has significant trade/technical qualifications accrued over a lifetime of complex work in the Industrial, Mining, Commercial and Domestic sectors. Craig has been responsible for installing, commissioning and maintaining electrical installations and apparatus, often in remote and regional locations. Craig also has current Trainer qualifications and has delivered many trade-based courses in Queensland. He is passionate about the solar and storage industry, having installed both large and small scale systems and wants to help develop the best installers for this sector. Craig is a valued member of the Solar Training Centre Team and we are proud to have him manage our training throughout Queensland.

Jozef Kumberger

Born in Slovenia, Jozef finished trade school as an electronics technician and electrician. He worked for Slovenian Post for 16 years as maintenance technician on Siemens equipment for high volume postal processing. 

He has a passion for technology that has progressed from ‘tinkering’ with gadgets to commercial and industrial design, automation and implementation.

Jozef further developed an interest in mechatronics – the growing high-tech profession based on a combination of mechanical, electronics and software engineering, but which is a distinctly different discipline to all three.

He completed his first Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering in 2011 and made a decision to move to Australia in 2012.

Since then, he has been working as a specialist in robotic warehouse solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, while developing an existing passion for solar PV and energy storage. He holds CEC recognised qualifications in Design & Install Grid Connected Solar PV Systems. Somehow he managed to find time to also complete his training qualification!

Jozef is committed to developing and fostering knowledge to embrace solar PV/energy storage and to even live off-grid. He is ready to share that passion in the classroom with the next generation of solar/energy storage professionals.

In his spare time, Jozef shares his enthusiasm for technology, environment, robotics and music with his young family and has embraced the extraordinary opportunities of life in Australia.

Spend 20 mins with Jozef and your head will spin - we are proud and honoured to have a ‘real-life Rocket Scientist’ as part of the team at the Solar Training Centre and GBAT!

Mob: 0468 455 873

Paul Heck

Certificate IV in Small Business Management
Diploma of Information Technology
Certificate IV in Government
Certificate IV in Training And Assessment
Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Sustainability

Over 30 years, our Senior Business Advisor Paul Heck holds business, management and sustainability qualifications. He has started, owned and managed a range of successful businesses in both the ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ sectors.

He has been a business consultant in a range of areas, covering business planning, strategy development, social media and transitioning to e-commerce, business training and commercialisation projects, including business advisory services for the mobile platform. He has been a senior ‘trainer the trainer’, along with developing a range of specialist training programs that assisted training sector in transitioning to a competitive tender model.

His current role includes commercialisation advice, strategy development and execution plans for the arts and photography sector, including development of social media engagement and commercialisation.

Mob: 0410 470309

Petar Zed

Petar Zdravkovski (known to all as ‘Zed’) has had a long interest in community, workplace safety, auditing, business and politics. In his early career, Petar progressed from roles in the public service and Union sectors to follow his interest in audit, compliance and workplace safety, and developed many roles as an Investigation and OHS&W Inspector.

Petar also has a strong interest in multiculturalism, and has been awarded for his services to the community.  He has been instrumental in initiating and assisting in the formation and implementation of the Regional Multicultural Communities Network from his base in Port Lincoln SA.

He has previously served three consecutive terms on the SA Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission as well as having been an active member of the Migrant Resource Centre SA Board.

For many years, Petar was also self employed in his first business venture where he started and administered a Labour Hire operation. He developed a strong insight into the pressures faced by small business owners as they managed and developed their business operations, and has since been able to share that experience with aspiring business owners.

More recently, as a Regional Risk Specialist and OHS&W Consultant, he coordinated safety audit and investigation activities across the Western Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. Now as trainer, he shares his community, business and career insights with students as they undertake courses at Green Business Audit & Training.

Petar has qualifications and experience in business management, OHS&W, Risk management, Home Sustainability Assessment and Training and Assessment.

Mob: 0412 865 093

Jenny Paterson

Jenny Paterson has combined a solid career history that incorporates senior positions in diverse sectors such as organics, editing, NGOs, volunteerism, event management and research with her passion for adult education and mentoring. She has an additional interest in sustainability issues, and in assisting adults with learning difficulties.

A skilled networker, Jenny has a track record of leadership and innovation in industry and has even found time to work in Community radio!

Jenny holds a Bachelor in Applied Science and has completed a multitude of postgraduate qualifications including Cert IV in Training & Assessment, Cert IV in Language, Literacy & Numeracy, Cert IV in Business Management, Cert IV in Carbon Management, Volunteer Management, and Marketing & Networking for Community Groups, Event Management, Project Management, and Editing for Multimedia. 

Jenny has been a valued supporter of the business management and environmental sustainability work at Green Business Audit & Training and is ready to assist with quality training, contextualising learning resources, innovative and lateral thinking, community engagement, networking, problem-solving and strategic communications.

Contact Jenny Paterson via mobile 0418852566 or email:

Mob: 04188 52566