CPP41110 Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment

Are you interested in sustainable living practices and the environment?
You can become a Household Sustainability Assessor. Whether you seek access to Australian Government initiatives to help Australians tackle climate change or you wish to start your own consultancy, or you may simply be interested in understanding your own home and behaviour better, this course will assist you in that endeavour.

Home sustainability assessors conduct assessments and provide advice on how to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling, energy use, water use, and waste generation and management in homes. Individuals holding CPP41110 Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment may work alone or as part of a team and would typically conduct home sustainability assessments and provide advice on a range of household energy and water use and management issues, depending on their area of expertise. Home sustainability assessors provide the following services to householders, tenants, property managers and others with an interest in residential property:

  1. assessment of and advice on how to improve
    1. household energy use
    2. household water use
    3. household waste generation and management
    4. the thermal performance of existing residences
  2. estimations of the cost of home sustainability measures
  3. promotion of home sustainability practices by residents.

This is truly a very unique new career path, and/or business opportunity, for people who want to make a difference to the environment.